My name is Jaren Stutzman! I was Born and raised in Findlay, Ohio, and attended Adrian College to play baseball and majored in Elementary Education. I also got my masters at the University of Findlay in Human Resources.

My role models are my four older brothers that have made me who I am today! I strive to not only be a baseball coach but mentor to children on and off the field. My ultimate goal is to make an impact on as many people’s lives as I can, by being able to teach children life-lessons through the game of baseball. I want your child to reach their full potential and become the best baseball player and person they can be.


6 years coaching college baseball

5.5 years coaching high school baseball

8 years working with major & minor league players during their off-season

10 years as a head counselor for the YMCA summer day care


  • High energy and passion for the game of baseball
  • Capabilities to develop baseball players in all areas of the game
  • Ability to present teaching material in multiple ways
  • Respect to the game / Baseball is life approach / The game teaches us life lessons
  • Passion for the game / More serious approach to baseball.
  • Promoting practice doesn’t make perfect, but only a better opportunity for success. You have to put the work in, in order to get something out of it.
  • Knowledge of the game that will allow your child to make his own adjustments in game! You have to put the work in, in order to get something out of it.
  • Experience coaching college baseball working with Infielders, outfielders, catchers and hitters.
  • Experience working with a MLB pitcher and three minor league guys, along with 4 division 1 pitchers during their off season
  • Experience hitting with a MLB hitter and several minor league hitters
  • Multisport background (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer)
  • Confidence booster / Positive talk / Loud caring voice from the heart.
  • A life coach & mentor
  • A hitting portfolio (personal hitting binder).
  • Provide data proving growth.
  • Live batting practice experience throwing to college and professional hitters
  • Close to 100 hitting drills
  • A personal daily fitness diary / A throwing program / 5 phase hitting and throwing program.